About Royal Custom Paint

Even our competitors send us customers, that’s a high compliment to pay any business. Royal Custom Paint is a spacious store brimming with three color centers on our perimeter walls. Our open 2,000 square-foot floor plan with a variety of 15,000 color samples ranging from seven national and local lines of paint. These samples include marbling, glazing, and different faux finishes. Our store is known for adorn columns, doors, display easels, and walls that can serve as a backdrop for the customer’s table in the center of our showroom.

Our business’s status as a second-generation and certified minority-owned business, allows us to competitively bid on an expanded number of city, state, and federal contracts. To meet this criteria, our company must have a certain percentage of minority employees taking part (this percentage varies based on the government contract).

Our management at Royal Custom Paint applies a multi-faceted business strategy that has helped us successfully maintain sales growth year after year, even in these times of economic downturn.
We collaborate with some top faux finishers in the country, a compendium of who’s who of faux that have done work in the homes of celebrities and millionaires such as Ross Perot and Tom Hicks. Using another tactic for success, we continually update to remain current with the latest faux techniques and products.

We maintain a varied business on the commercial side, from small pot-and-brush guys to large commercial paint contractors. We combined forces with local industrial metal fabricators that refurbish heavy machinery such as forklifts in precisely matching corporate colors such as Kubota orange or Caterpillar yellow. We also collaborate with cabinet and furniture makers and hotels, motels, and large hospitals in the area.

It may sound like a cliché, but our owners and manager attribute our store’s success to the simplest of tenets: professional, personable service. We treat customers like friends rather than customers, we talk to everyone on a first name basis and vice versa.

What Our Customers Say

Great customer service with in depth knowledge. Answered my questions and was able to perfectly match old paint.

Jason T.

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